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As a CEO and Chief Geek, Alex helps teams adapt to the new world of work and create employee experiences that empower people to achieve business results. He is passionate about refining the future of work and helping organizations transition from a set workplace to work-any-place. Alex has facilitated and spoken at hundreds of executive workshops and events.

Alex is the author of Billion Dollar Apps, an adjunct professor of computer science at Northern Illinois University, and holds two patents related to mobile video delivery. He championed new international Aviation standards improving the employee experience and mobile tools for pilots. Alex has trained hundreds of Apple's enterprise team members in business case thinking for mobility.

Mobility: Window to Innovation

Alex paints a picture for driving innovation and process improvement for 80 CIOs.

Get Your Head out of Your Apps

Alex shares a vision of how next generation of mobile technology will impact the flight crew for an International aviation standards group of 400 leaders.

Illinois Business This Week

Introduction and discussion of Alex's book, Billion Dollar Apps.

Developing a Winning Strategy

Addressing 800 technology leaders, Alex walks through creation of how winning strategies embrace technology.


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