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Resources (Drafts)

How-To: Play Music/Sounds in a Conversation
How-To: Edit the Map
How-To: Invite People in from outside your organization
How-To: Setup Slack Integration
How-To: Share a Thought
How-To: Virtually Tap a Shoulder
Best Practice - interviews
Best practice - Weekly 25 min all hands mixer
Best practice - Monthly 50 min Team Workshop
Best Practice - onboarding
Best practice - Webinar replacement
Best practice - remote selling
Best practice - creating online social norms

Types of content

Blog - thought leadership

How-to - do these things to accomplish this specific result

“How to play music/sounds into a conversation”


Prepare & start a stage

Editing the map

Get guest URL

How to invite people from outside?

How to set up Slack integration

How to share a thought

How to virtually tap a shoulder - Invite & Have a minute

Best practice w tactical details - how to accomplish things, how to do an activity

How to run a great team event that connects people in LexGo