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Best practice - Webinar replacement

Changing a passive webinar to an active virtual seminar

Make sure you communicate to your attendees in advance (and as a part of the event marketing) that this is a higher value, active participation seminar and not a watch out of the corner of your eye webinar.

You’re going to meet peers in the industry and actively engage in the learning.

Handling the flow of people coming in:

  • board with instructions
  • Greeter

Decide where you want people sitting? Randomly? The table with the fewest people? Assign them a table?

Up front networking & settling in time

Content sharing part 1

Table readouts


Assuming your goal with a webinar is to both educate your attendees and to generate business opportunities for your company, the key is engaging with attendees in an active manner.

Give the speakers/hosts/facilitators time to walk around to various tables and get into the discussions

Have Enough people from your team present to be table facilitators

Do a post survey — on your way out... and that you’ll email a resource afterwards

How to handle audience questions about the presentation or material?