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Different by Design

Different by Design

What makes LexGo unique compared to other event software? Here's just a partial list of design decisions that make LexGo a better experience than other platforms such as Zoom.

Explore and connect

These two fundamental principles drive everything that happens in LexGo.

The left side of LexGo comprises a map that lets you explore and discover new content and people: on your terms and at your pace.

The right side of LexGo comprises video and content tiles that let you connect instantly.

Less is better

While other apps overload their interfaces with options, features and buttons, we've designed a simpler interface with just enough of what everyone needs.

Equal and inclusive

In stark contrast to platforms such as Zoom, LexGo establishes equal space for all participants in a conversation. No one is pushed off screen. There is no large "dominant" speaker and smaller listeners. Every video tile is the same size (unless you deliberately choose to make yours smaller).

It's hip to be square

We use square videos. Not rectangle videos, usually showing wasted space to the left and right. Not circle videos, because arranging them in groups leads to visual chaos. There is no calm visual order when you group circles. (Or to think of it in other terms, a wall of blocks is stronger together than a pile of marbles).

Square videos focus on faces, and by having shared edges with others, they visually represent an intention toward closer connection with others.

Freedom to move

"Vote with your feet" is a phrase we use often while describing LexGo. On a Zoom call, you're often stuck in place. With the LexGo map, you are free to move where and when you feel best.

Spontaneous interactions

Because of that freedom described above, you can instantly join conversations in a single tap. LexGo is smart enough to know if you're joining a conversation in progress, and turns on your mic and camera automatically. Because that is what would happen if you joined a conversation in real life.

Value space over time

In a Zoom call, have you ever wanted to talk to someone afterward, but the moment you start to say something, the host ends the call? That never happens in LexGo. Because we build our experiences around spaces rather than schedules, you can keep talking with others after a larger conversation ends. It's as simple as moving to another part of the map and inviting others over.

Dynamic Stage

Dynamic Stage is a feature in LexGo that brings powerful yet easy-to-use production values to turbocharge an ordinary presentation.


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