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LexGo Testimonials

“We love LexGo! One of the important benefits is that it gives you a real-time visual of your team’s 'location', you can interact with employees in an instant, and you can truly feel like you 'walked' into an actual office – while still enjoying the flexibility of being remote.”
Emna @ Veamly
“Our team missed the interaction in a physical office. LexGo allows for interaction, collaboration, and agency in a remote environment.”
Leader @ Large SaaS Co.
"LexGo brings that muscle memory of how we work together in person into a natural, fluid virtual setting."
Leader @ Financial Services Co
We enjoy the LexGo platform as it allows us the opportunity to meet in “offices” or “conference rooms” and feel like we are in an office space. It is user friendly and provides an experience, not just a box on a monitor.”
Kristie @ BCR Wealth Strategies
“I’m organizing the first ever conference for human factors in diving and wanted a platform that would replicate the social aspects of in-person technical diving events. None provided the interaction that LexGo does.”
Gareth @ The Human Diver
"LexGo has powerful tools that really allow that connection between participants."
“LexGo is a more real-time experience that makes facilitation even easier than in person. It is a bonus to have all of my resources a click away.”
Gabriela @ Gabriela Coaching
"We're having conversations across 4 geographically separated offices that we never had before, even pre-pandemic. It's so simple to tap someone for a fast conversation."
Nick @ Trinity Lutheran Church