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Your Digital HQ is Ready

Employee connection for distributed teams - be human at work


Flexible, spontaneous connections on your team’s terms

Let’s be real - how many hallway conversations are really happening today? We all miss the water cooler conversations — here’s one step better, the whole cafe.

Give people permission to get work done while letting others step in, say hi and be human. Jump into the Cafe for a break, lunch time or anywhere in between.

Welcome to the Cafe
Welcome to the Cafe

Supercharge Activities That Are Hard in a Meeting Tool

LexGo empowers you to keep people as the focus of the activity and deliver great experiences with ease.




Spontaneous Conversations

Group Events - all hands, sales kick-offs, networking

Ready to Experience LexGo?

How is LexGo Better Than Yesterday’s Meeting Tools?



Walk Around

See who’s here and wants to engage



No Massive Video Grid

Stay in small groups and jump on stage when you’re presenting


No “Waiting for host”

Always open means no more “waiting for host” - jump in and start being human before the meeting starts



No “Next slide please”

Everyone on stage can easily present and be in control


Always See the Stage

See and hear the stage while you’re at your table. No more isolated breakouts and no idea what’s going on



No Meeting Links

No meeting links to change so it’s easy to be flexible

Pricing & Features


Digital HQ

Easy starting point venue to support employee connection through activities & collaboration.

Starts at $99 per month

• 12 seats → $99 / month

• 24 seats → $299 / month

• 48 seats → $499 / month

• 96 seats → $949 / month

• 192 seats → $1799 / month


🪑  12-192 seats


🏢  Includes cafe, co-working, training center & auditorium floors (12 seat subscription only includes co-working)

🗣  No user accounts to manage

👨‍💻 Live Chat Support

👤  1 LexGo Coordinator account

👥  Free guest access


Custom Venue

Your custom digital office that integrates with key business systems to give your team visibility and connection.

Starts at $35 per user/month


⚡️ All pre-configured venue features

🔎  Manage who has access to what

✍️  Edit floorplans to fit your needs

🔗  Slack integration

🚨  Guest arrival notifications

👷‍♀️  Additional floors available

🤝  Event passes available for outside participants

What LexGo Customers Say...


“Our team missed the interaction in a physical office. LexGo allows for interaction, collaboration, and agency in a remote environment.”

Leader @ Large SaaS Co


"LexGo brings that muscle memory of how we work together in person into a natural, fluid virtual setting.”

Leader @ Financial Services Co


“I’m organizing the first ever conference for human factors in diving and wanted a platform that would replicate the social aspects of in-person technical diving events. None provided the interaction that LexGo does.”

Gareth @ The Human Diver


“LexGo is a more real-time experience that makes facilitation even easier than in person. It is a bonus to have all of my resources a click away.”

Gabriela @ Gabriela Coaching


“We love LexGo! One of the important benefits is that it gives you a real-time visual of your team’s 'location', you can interact with employees in an instant, and you can truly feel like you 'walked' into an actual office – while still enjoying the flexibility of being remote.”

Emna @ Veamly


We enjoy the LexGo platform as it allows us the opportunity to meet in “offices” or “conference rooms” and feel like we are in an office space. It is user friendly and provides an experience, not just a box on a monitor.”

Kristie @ BCR Wealth Strategies


"We're having conversations across 4 geographically separated offices that we never had before, even pre-pandemic. It's so simple to tap someone for a fast conversation.”

Nick @ Trinity Lutheran Church


"LexGo has powerful tools that really allow that connection between participants.”

Ken @ ARISE Drone Conference

How is LexGo Different For...

Spontaneous Conversations & Connections

Group Events That Connect

Training That Sticks

Awesome Remote Interviews

Group Onboarding for Faster Connection

Ready to Experience LexGo?


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